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How to Introduce Seal in China
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At present, the main body of the automotive seal material commonly used EPDM (EPDM) or polyvinyl chloride (PVC). EPDM is an elastomeric material polymerized by adding a small amount of non-conjugated diolefins to ethylene and propylene monomer. Its structural feature is that it has no unsaturated double bonds in the molecular chain of the polymer, On the introduction of unsaturated double bond, which has excellent weather resistance, heat resistance, ozone resistance, UV resistance and good processing properties and low compression set, is the first choice for the production of automotive seals, under normal circumstances The use of EPDM material produced automotive seal life of up to ten years. PVC material is more applied to the surface of the car seal higher requirements, such as the roof trim, the window inside and outside the seal. With the development of the automotive industry, more and more new types of materials are available for automotive seal production. Thermoplastic elastomer (TPE) is one of the most prominent types of new environmentally friendly materials, which are mainly divided into polyolefins (TPV, TPO); polyurethanes (TPU); polyesters (TPEEs): polyvinyl chloride ); Polyamide (TPAE) and other types of thermoplastic elastomers. And used in the automotive seal products are mainly polyolefin (TPV, TPO) thermoplastic elastomer material, such materials and glass friction coefficient, wear resistance, can be used as a car glass guideway, the door glass inside and outside the seal Article and some auxiliary seal material. In addition, a variety of automotive seal more and more attention to the auxiliary materials environmental requirements, such as a variety of environmentally friendly adhesives, water-based coating materials.

In the 1980s, seals were introduced into China. Has brought great convenience to people's life. In the long-term accumulation, the sealing strip has been applied to a variety of industries such as automobiles, windows and doors, home appliances and so on, and according to different requirements of various industries, its composition and production process Are not the same. The development of various industries to varying degrees led to the seal for the development of a variety of related industries provided an essential material.

The development history of the sealing strip is closely related to the development of the door and window industry. The replacement and replacement of the two strips maintain an almost identical rhythm and progress together with the development. As early as the 90s of last century, the popularization of large-scale aluminum alloy doors and windows in our country brought a sealed natural rubber strip era. This rubber strip not only has low manufacturing cost and low initial threshold of manufacture, but because of natural rubber strip, Use of time, all kinds of fracture, hardening and other conditions. Subsequently, the country announced the ban on steel windows and doors, natural rubber sealing strip will also fade out of the market. Since then, the country began to promote the use of PVC sealing material, in the initial use of PVC seals did indeed play a very high market value, but then there has been a tight seal, and due to small workshop production methods Low-cost competition to more and more low-quality products to the market, the vicious development of PVC seals blocked the continued development of the road.

With the use of EPDM tape, PVC seals officially disappear from people's attention. The new EPDM sealing strip has a smooth and beautiful surface, excellent elasticity, compression resistance, weathering resistance, ozone resistance, chemical resistance and wide operating temperature range (-60 ~ 125 ℃). EPDM seals are more widely used with cars, windows, cabinets, refrigerators, containers and more.

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